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The Beginning:

Rise & Walk
Gregory Solis

David Dunwoody

Max Brooks

Rob Kirkman

Jon Maberry


Praise for Rise and Walk

What the critics are saying...

"Fast-paced, bloody, engaging and exciting,
Rise and Walk is a blast from beginning to end."

David Moody, Author of the Autumn and Hater series.

RISE AND WALK is the literary equivalent of a Jack and Coke. Take a stellar zombie story, and combine it with a sturdy action adventure that revolves around a regional paintball tournament, and you have two great tastes that taste great together.
Read the entire review at BuyZombie.com.

I am giving Rise and Walk four tombstones because Solis does not hold back with his zombies. The story is meant to be horror and that is what it is. The romance I mentioned in no way detracts from the story since it is not the main focus. The scenes were vivid and I could totally believe this weekend could happen in my local campground.
Read the entire review at Bitten by books.com.

This zombie tale has a little bit of everything a fan of the genre would want. Suspense, gore, great characters and plenty of zombies. Chilling, descriptive, an zombie-riffic this is a collectorís must-have as weíll be sure to see this author, Gregory Solis, on more horror book titles.
Read the entire review at FlamesRising.com.

The novel is professionally written, fast-moving, and entertaining. RISE & WALK offers a pleasant diversion for those readers who enjoy "Zombie-Horror" - they will not be at all disappointed by the novel, and are certain to enjoy it.
Read the entire review at Fear Zone.com.

Rise and Walk is a book that really grabs you by the lapels, gives you a good shake and proceeds to rip out your throat! Solis wastes no time diving into the action, which, in the case of this book, works just GORE-geously, darling! Solis also has the ability of developing each of the characters, no matter how short-lived their appearances (and disappearances) may be. A character may only live for a few lines, but darned if Solis doesnít divulge just enough information about them to make us care about their demise!
Read the entire review at Fatally-Yours.com.

...this book blew me away. Whoever called this a young adult book must have had a very disturbing childhood. And the paintball aspect, which looks silly from the outset, leads to some really surprising plot twists, as well as some moments that made me cringe in honest disgust...
...Gregory strikes a visceral blow with this novel, leaving you worn, breathless, and strangely agitated when you get to the final page and realize it's over. It's one of those rides that ends too soon, leaving you begging for a sequel, so you can keep up with the character's lives.
Read the entire review by Shawn Rutledge at Skullring.org.

...The book is a great novel, and terrifying in parts. I'm equally impressed with the author's use of allegories and depth in the characters. It's also changed my mind about entering any competition in the woods any time soon.
So to Gregory, my hat is off to you, just tell your zombies to leave my brains alone, and to all you zombie fans, RISE and WALK is incredible. The zombie genre would be missing an arm without it.
Read the entire review by Nathan Curtis at New World Reviews.

...Author Solis definitely has a knack for bringing the dead to life. Very detailed and descriptive writing so graphic you can almost smell the flesh rotting. I felt dirty, I could picture each and every setting, I pictured each and every character and graphically imagined each and every horrible mutilation as it happened.
Read the entire review at The Zombie Review.com

Riveting terror, fast-paced action and intense suspense makes for an entertaining, attention-grabbing horror tale. "Rise and Walk" is superbly orchestrated as it opens with a captivating first chapter, and then continues to hold the reader's attention through the rest of the story. Genuine sturdy characters give authenticity to the uncontrolled terror reigning in this small town.
Read the entire review by Pamela at POD People.

...(Solis) is very good at throwing you off the trail in regards to what you may think is going to happen. In some chapters he builds up characters that you think will become a main staple throughout the book, only to have them torn to shreds in the next. Others you think may die right away live for a while and it just simply keeps you guessing.
Read the entire review  by Danny Northside at ICanSmellYourBrains.com

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