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The Beginning:

Rise & Walk
Gregory Solis

David Moody

Max Brooks

Rob Kirkman

Jon Maberry


How you can help

     As many of you may know, Rise and Walk is an independant effort. If you enjoyed the book and would like to support indy horror, there are a few things you can do to help.

     You can drop on over to the Rise and Walk page at Amazon.com to leave a review. Even if you bought the book elsewhere, if you have bought anything from Amazon before, you can leave a review. Reviews are greatly appreciated. You can also drop by the Barnes and Noble page and leave a review there.

     Reviews are great but word of mouth is even more helpful, so tell your friends about Rise and Walk. Tell them about this site and the free preview. If you are a Facebook or Twitter user, (and who isn't now-a-days?), send out a tweet and let everyone else know what you thought of the book. Also don't forget to add Gregory Solis as a friend or follow him..

     If you have a website and would like to include a banner for Rise and Walk, download the one at the bottom of the page. Let me know and I can add your banner to my links page.

     If you would like to drop by your local book store or library and let them know about Rise, you can download and print out a sell sheet to give to the manager. Sell sheets contain all the information that a bookstore needs to order a book. It would say a lot that a reader felt strong enough about the book to drop off a sell sheet.

Rise and Walk Sell Sheet

Thank you for your support.

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