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The Beginning:

Rise & Walk
Gregory Solis

J.L. Bourne

Max Brooks

Rob Kirkman

Jon Maberry


The Novel that started it all by Gregory Solis

     The walking dead descend upon a paintball competition in the mountains. Two brave young women join forces with two thrill seekers in a terror filled struggle against the undead. Low on ammunition and supplies, the survivors use anything at hand to fight off the flesh hungry horde. As the party makes their escape they soon realize that there is nowhere to run when the dead Rise and Walk…

Archived News!

Print Review of Rise and Walk

     Dark Realms Magazine has a review for Rise and Walk in their issue number 29. Here is an excerpt from the article written by Russell Williams.

     Rise & Walk is an expertly crafted tale of zombie horror with several jolting twists. The story quickly establishes the fact that no one is exempt from the savage wrath of the frenzied undead, keeping readers in suspense as to whom, if anyone will survive. Gregory Solis puts his own entertaining spin on a familiar horror premise and pulls it together very nicely.

     My humble thanks go out to Dark Realms and Mr. Williams for the review.

Day By Day: Armageddon

     Most fans of Zombie fiction know about J.L. Bourne's Day by Day: Armageddon available from Permuted Press. What you may not know is that Permuted used a review I once did of Bourne's fantastic novel as a blerb on the front page. The Permuted edition is now in stock at Borders books. Congratulations are due to Bourne and Permuted for their success.

     Click the banner above for a convention report from my appearance as a guest of the SiliCon Convention in San Jose, California. I have to thank Wil over at Horror Yearbook.com for the invitation. Check out their forum to interact with a nutty bunch. They have more characters over there than the Chinese alphabet.

     In only six months Rise and Walk became the number one ranked book in Horror at Lulu.com. Out of the 1227 horror titles published by Lulu, Rise became the top seller!!!
     I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that the book has done so well in such a short time. Thank you to everyone who has helped Rise and Walk become so widely accepted. Your support both online and through word-of-mouth is much appreciated.

     Here is a special feature for those interested. Click on the above banner to learn how I designed the cover of Rise and Walk. The article talks about what I hoped to convey with the cover as well as how it was put together in Photoshop.

     Jacob over at Permuted Press has kindly offered to host a web forum for Rise and Walk. It is a place where fans of the series can ask me questions and leave comments. Registration is free and easy. They have a great bunch of horror fans over there as well as other forums for some of your favorite authors. Click on the banner to have a look. And a very special thanks to Jacob and the others for being so supportive of the Rise series.

     Rise and Walk has been fortunate enough to be featured on the Library of the Living Dead Podcast. The first seven chapters are being read by the good Doctor Pus, one per episode starting with number 17. Doctor Pus gives the novel a wonderful review in episode 18. Click on the above banner to take a listen.

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